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Muscle Wise is an all-in-one wellness program that combines science with one-on-one coaching for your healthiest, happiest weight loss ever.

Every Starter Kit comes with a smart scale, shaker bottle, and your first two weeks of partial meal replacements.

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Burn the fat and stay motivated. Our three-phase prescription program will help you lose an average of 10% of your body fat while lowering your risk category. Join Muscle Wise now and get results!

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At Muscle Wise, we’re 100% honest about our program—because we know they work. Our science-based approach to weight loss is backed by tangible data that helps clients live happier and longer.

"We were immediately impressed with the weight loss we experienced. Over the course of the next few months, I lost 25 lbs. and my wife 12, both achieving the goals we had set for weight loss. It’s great to see ourselves squarely 'in the green' on all of the key metrics when we check in with Coach Jenny Dabney. Thank you Jenny and Muscle Wise for changing our lives!"
Geoff Cromer

A wellness coach by

your side

Feel inspired and motivated by your personal health coach. They’ll guide you based on your goals, habits, and weekly weigh-ins so you can celebrate milestones together.

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Jenny Dabney

Licensed Physical Therapist with an emphasis on nutrition.

Cedar Park, Texas

Hobbies: Lifting weights, cardio, hiking, boxing, water sports

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No hidden costs or fees. Order our Starter Kit and get the tools, resources, and professional guidance you need to kickstart healthy new habits.

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We are confident in our three-phase diet program because it works.

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The Muscle Wise Program is budget neutral for the vast majority of Americans.  This is a replacement cost for normal grocery, restaurants, and alcohol spend.




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