12 Weeks to a New, Healthier You

At Muscle Wise, we’re 100% honest about our program—because we know it works. Our science-based approach to weight loss is backed by tangible data that helps clients live happier and longer.

Lower your risk category, feel better, and develop healthier habits. On average, our members lose 10% body fat in just three months. Here’s how it works:

Spend less money on fast food with our healthy snacks and partial meal replacements

Eat Healthier

Meet with your coach virtually once a week to check your progress

Get Support

Step on the scale and sync your weight with our app. No record keeping, no hassle

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Better & Live Longer

Losing weight is powerful – it impacts all aspects of your life. In fact, compared to those at a healthy weight, people suffering from obesity have an increased risk of developing serious diseases and health conditions.

obesity increased risks:

The Recipe to Healthier Living

Bring your relationship with food back to the fundamentals. To meet its needs, the human body has three sources of energy (known as macronutrients).

Medically Supervised Weight Loss at Home

We know that the body will first draw on its carbohydrate reserve before turning to protein and fat. ​In the Muscle Wise program, we limit your carbohydrate intake. This encourages the body to use its fat stores for energy. ​​

By focusing on the proven science behind ketogenic diets, our program teaches you how to develop smarter eating habits, healthier lifestyle choices, and maintain your weight after you hit your goals. 

nutrition data

Team Up

with a profesional weight loss coach

Support and motivation can bring even the hardest tasks within reach. With the Muscle Wise program, you are never alone. Your expert weight loss coach will help keep you on track!

"I have lost nearly 50 pounds in three and a half months. I have many intimidating health challenges. ALL of them are improving including going from two doses of three medications for Diabetes 2 daily to taking only one dose of medications once last week. Blood pressure has dropped significantly into a healthy range. My heart rate has slowed and breathing difficulties have been reduced in tremendous fashion. You are life savers!"

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Get a two-week supply of partial meal replacements, complimentary smart scale, and shaker bottle delivered to your door for one low price.

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