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Want to make a difference in other people’s lives? At Muscle Wise, we’re always looking for inspiring coaches that have the insight and experience to help others achieve their weight loss success.

Muscle Wise Coaching Benefits

Consultations are entirely online

Work from Home

Book time with your clients whenever suits you best

Set Your Own Hours

Get rewarded for helping others lose weight

Quality Incentives

Many of our coaches earn a second income with us

Competitive Compensation

Stay sharp and up to date by attending our in-house training sessions

Continuous Training

Flexible Lifestyle

Work from anywhere and make your own schedule while helping others lead impactful lives.

App For Success

Use our app to see how clients are progressing in real-time and tweak their strategy for better results.

Make A Difference

Track weight loss schedules and give your clients the motivation they need to make a big difference in their lives.

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Many of our coaches understand the journey our clients are about to take, because most of them have taken it themselves. If you’ve completed our three-phase program and want to help others do what you’ve done, connect with us!

"I sleep better, feel better, my energy level and stamina have increased significantly. I was also able to decrease my blood pressure medication!"
Mary B.


to make

a Difference?

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We’re always looking for talented coaches to lead others. No matter what your background or story, you can help. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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