Curious to know how much you’d spend on food after signing up for the Muscle Wise program? Try our food budget calculator to find out.


Why Budget for Monthly Groceries?

What you eat directly impacts your weight. By paying closer attention to your food budget, you are less likely to spend money on fast food. Muscle Wise clients have better visibility of their monthly grocery spending.

On average, our members spend approximately the same amount on groceries when on the program.

37% of Americans Eat Fast Food Regularly

On any given day, 85 million Americans consume fast food. The most common fast food meal of the day is lunch.

Why Does Fast Food Cause Obesity?

According to the latest research, there are four reasons why fast food can cause obesity:

Unhealthy Ingredients

Fast food contains high amounts of sugar and saturated fats, key ingredients in weight gain


On average, a daily diet of 2,000 calories is much cheaper to obtain with fast food than home-cooked meals.


Most of the US is within a few miles of a fast food restaurant. 

Larger Portions

Studies have shown that our food portion sizes have increased alongside our overage weight.

Obesity Kills 2.8 Million People a Year

According to the WHO, obesity is a global epidemic that affects low, medium, and high-income countries equally. It is now very common to live in a country where those who are overweight make up a greater percentage of the population. 

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Food Budget

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