About Us

Muscle Wise was founded by providers who previously offered this program through multiple brick and mortar locations for several years.  They were able help clients to take off tens of thousands of pounds and change thousands of clients’ lives for the better, but geographic limitations reduced their overall reach. 

Now, we have built the technology to bring this superior level of service directly to clients in the comfort of their homes through virtual coaching and monitoring. 

Who We Are

At Muscle Wise, our mission is to help our clients take control of their health, feel better, and live longer. We take our responsibility seriously. It’s a privilege to help people discover their best selves – one successful weigh-in at a time.


We are confident in our three-phase diet program and meal replacements because we know they work.


We understand that weight loss is a complex and emotional topic. Our experts take the time to get to know our clients and their needs.


We take a science-based approach to weight loss. We back our client program with tangible data and doctor recommendations.

Muscle Wise revolves around our highly-effective COACHES – they are the cornerstone of our business.  Our technology combined with highly competitive compensation allows us to recruit the best coaches in the country for the benefit of our clients.

Our leadership team designed the Muscle Wise program with two fundamental principles in mind:

1. Constantly improve the user-experience for our clients.

2. Create the best working environment for our coaches (happy coaches make for happy clients).

Our Coaches & Community

Our dedicated coaching network is the foundation of the Muscle Wise program. Multiple studies prove that having someone in your corner keeps you focused on the goal: to feel better and live longer.

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