A Weight Loss Partner Is The Way To Go—Here’s Why It Worked For Me and My Husband

Julie & Rick

For years, Rick, 73, and Julie, 68, tried different diets with minimal or temporary success. Rick, a cancer survivor, found his recovery slow-going with the extra weight to carry around, and he needed to make changes that would last. Following his cancer surgery, his breathing was labored and his diet was high in sugars, starches and saturated fat. Resistant to try yet another new diet program, he relented when Julie had chatted with some friends who tried Muscle Wise and raved about the results they had seen.

Julie admits her self-esteem had taken a dive after years of fluctuating weight, especially weight gained during the pandemic. Initially she began her Muscle Wise journey to look better, but soon discovered that how she looked in her clothes was just a bonus—it was how she felt in her own skin, for the first time, that proved to be the ultimate reward for the lifestyle changes she made.


At different times of my life, I’ve carried extra weight that I didn’t need to. I wanted to be healthier. I’d broken my hip during the pandemic and I put on more weight, so when we saw our friends and how well they had done, I was quite intrigued. I did the research and it looked like it might work.

Rick and I aren’t completely new to dieting, either. We had done Weight Watchers, the Diabetes Association diet, and Atkins, South Beach… stuff like that. We found a little bit of success with each of these programs, but none of them gave us life-changing health like Muscle Wise.

I really like accountability and support, and Muscle Wise provided that. The Muscle Wise app is also very good; once you get used to it, it’s easy to use. Being able to look at the graph and look at your fat and your water, all that, it’s affirming that you’re doing something, and it’s tangible.

The coaching—I mean, we thought Jenny was just fabulous. She truly is the best. She’s motivating, intelligent, and she has a background in physical therapy and nutrition, so she knows what she’s talking about. If you do what your coach says to do, you start losing weight immediately. It was so easy to do, and I lost weight consistently, and the food is good. I mean, the things that you can eat and you can order really make it painless.


I worked mostly in the criminal justice system. Throughout my life, my weight has been up and down. I’ve been on a lot of different diets, but I’d just lose the weight and gain it right back.

I had cancer and they took my left lung out. As I’ve gotten older, it seemed like it was getting harder and harder to get enough air to breathe, so that was one of the reasons I felt like losing weight would be a good thing: it might help me breathe.

I’m pretty set in my ways, so it took a little convincing on Julie’s part to get me started. I tried to find the arguments as to why we didn’t need to do the program, but, you know, she kept shooting those arguments down.

One of my biggest objections going into Muscle Wise was vegetables. I’m not a vegetable eater. I like steak, potatoes and all those things….pretty sure there was never a vegetable that I liked. But as we started, and I saw there’s a bigger selection of vegetables, I’ve learned to love them.

I’m not really motivated on my own. Having a coach to talk to regularly was really a good thing to keep me on track, especially if I hit a plateau. Having someone to talk you through that, to keep you going, is very helpful. Jenny’s always happy and upbeat. She gives the right amount of praise to keep you going, to tell you when you’re doing the right thing, but she tells it like it is, too.

The first two weeks were so good. There was no way after two weeks you were going to walk away. The weight loss starts off quick. After the first week, you’re already seeing two to three pounds gone, and that’s exciting. If you follow the program, you’ll never feel hungry because everything is planned so well from meal to meal. 

Partners are good support for each other—day in and day out. If you start slipping, they’ll keep you on track. If you don’t have a partner, you should find a friend to do it with you. Follow the plans that your coach gives you and you’re guaranteed to lose the weight.

Your health is yours alone, but it doesn’t mean you have to get there alone. At Muscle Wise, we love to see and help partners, families and friends work toward their goals together. But either way, you’ll get the courage and encouragement you need from our always-positive wellness coaches.

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